The Jeffrey Pine Journal

Named after the Eastern Sierra’s most aromatic conifer, Friends of the Inyo’s Jeffrey Pine Journal is a handsome, biannual publication distributed free to our members.

Please enjoy the Jeffrey Pine Journal online by clicking on any of the links to past issues below:

Friends of the Inyo Wilderness Guide

Check out our Wilderness Guide for an overview of the Eastern Sierra, including places to see, conservation projects, FAQs, and organizations involved in preservation.

Pine Nuts (Annual Impact Report)
Pine Nuts is Friends of the Inyo’s Annual Impact Report.
The Juniper Monthly Newsletter

The May Issue of Friends of the Inyo’s Juniper E-Newsletter is Here!

Friends: May is that in-between month when we apply Earth Day lessons learned in April, as we prepare for summer, which begins in June. Read about what Friends of the Inyo has been up to – with your support, of course – in the May Juniper! Happy reading! And if you like what you read, happy sharing!

The Earth Day Month Edition of Friends of the Inyo’s Juniper E-Newsletter is here! Find out ways to love our planet!

Always one of our favorite issues, the Earth Day Month Juniper allows us to share with readers lots of opportunities to give back to our planet through their engagement, volunteering, or monetary contributions to support Friends of the Inyo’s work in the corner of the world we strive to protect: the beautiful Eastern Sierra. Get your Earth Day plans on by reading it fresh off the press. Happy Reading…and, for the sake of our big blue marble of a planet, Happy Sharing!

Back to School, Google Earth Pro, ‘Big Blue Marble,’ and Earth Day Wishes

Back to School, Google Earth Pro, ‘Big Blue Marble,’ and Earth Day Wishes By Louis Medina, Communications and Philanthropy Director Involuntarily, my eyes got blurry, and my cheeks felt the warmth of my freely flowing tears. I had just downloaded Google Earth Pro and fired it up for the first time to prepare for an assignment in a geology course I’m taking this semester at the Bishop Campus of Cerro Coso College. On my laptop screen was a beautiful “Big Blue Marble,” like a TV program about our planet by that name, which I had loved as a kid in…

This year’s winter has FOI Stewardship Director feeling like a ‘dizzy ballerina’

By Lindsay Butcher, Stewardship Director The winter of 2022-2023 has been a doozy! As of the day I’m writing this blurb in late March, we are inching closer and closer to an all-time record snowpack, just shy of the 1952 record, with more precipitation on the way! This means we’ve had to be, well…flexible, to say the least, about managing our usual season of low-elevation Stewardship Events. Starting in November with the American Alpine Club’s Bishop Craggin’ Classic: The original project site was covered in 3 inches of snow the week before. Friends of the Inyo was able to pivot at…

Winter turns to spring this month. Lots happening in the Eastern Sierra. But if you don’t read Friends of the Inyo’s ‘The Juniper,’ you’ll never know!

A bountiful, snowy winter. An impending flowerful spring. Lots of opportunities for engagement in water advocacy, exploration in Southern Inyo County, giving toward Eastern Sierra public lands protection by becoming a Friends of the Inyo business sponsor, and more! Read all about it in Friends of the Inyo’s Juniper E-Newsletter, which is hot off the press! Happy reading…and if you like what you read, happy sharing!