The Jeffrey Pine Journal

Named after the Eastern Sierra’s most aromatic conifer, Friends of the Inyo’s Jeffrey Pine Journal is a handsome, biannual publication distributed free to our members.

Please enjoy the Jeffrey Pine Journal online by clicking on any of the links to past issues below:

Friends of the Inyo Wilderness Guide

Check out our Wilderness Guide for an overview of the Eastern Sierra, including places to see, conservation projects, FAQs, and organizations involved in preservation.

The Juniper Monthly Newsletter

The Juniper Newsletter – September 2021

What do protection of the Sierra Nevada Red Fox; the removal of cattle exclosures in the Cottonwood Creek Wilderness; efforts to protect Conglomerate Mesa and Long Valley from exploratory drilling; an attempt to educate Inyo and Mono Counties’ Spanish-speaking residents about public lands management in the U.S….and volunteer cleanup and restoration events in Bridgeport and the Alabama Hills on back-to-back Saturdays in September, including National Public Lands Day, Sept. 25, have in common? They all align with Friends of the Inyo’s mission and you can read about them—and more!—in this issue of our Juniper E-Newsletter.

The Juniper Newsletter – August 2021

In this edition of the Juniper, you will be introduced to first issue of the Keep Long Valley Green Coalition’s new e-mail newsletter, Every Last Drop: Exposés on the L.A./Eastern Sierra Water Wars; an opportunity to make your voice heard in the struggle to Protect Conglomerate Mesa from foreign mining interests; Friends of the Inyo’s new education/outreach efforts to Inyo and Mono counties’ growing Hispanic community (en español); the continuing stewardship and interpretive work of our Trail Ambassadors; and more! Happy reading—and if you like what you read, happy sharing!

The Juniper Newsletter – July 2021

In this issue of The Juniper, you will be asked to exercise the power of your pocketbook to help fight destructive mining in three of our public lands; check out upcoming education, exploration and volunteering events; learn about our hard-working Trail Ambassadors; meet Friends of the Inyo’s new Communications Director, and more. Happy reading, and if you like what you read…Happy sharing!

The Juniper Newsletter June 2021

In this issue of The Juniper, we share updates concerning on the Trail Ambassadors, our list of summer events, an update on legislation we are hoping to pass for the Kutzadika’a tribe, and a feature on LADWP’s plan to only provide a minimal amount of water to Long Valley this summer. Also Kyle will be signing off as Communications Director, but we hope to introduce you to our new communications director in next month’s edition.  

The Juniper Newsletter May 2021

In this issue of The Juniper, we share updates concerning the Conglomerate Mesa and Keep Long Valley Green campaigns. K2 Gold’s phase two exploration continues to threaten the Mesa’s future. And LADWP indicates that it will only provide a minimal amount of water to Long Valley this summer. Also, the comment period for proposed mining in Long Valley has been extended but ends on Thursday, the 13th. Be sure to submit your comments by then. Finally, learn about a showing of Paya: The Water Story of the Paiute, happening on May 25th. I hope you enjoy this month’s issue of The Juniper.

The Juniper Newsletter April 2021

In this issue, you’ll also find a press release in response to the Mojave Precious Metals & K2 Gold virtual “town hall,” an update on the Keep Long Valley Green Campaign, the opportunity to read the latest Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership newsletter, and an invitation to explore the new Keep Long Valley Green coalition website. We hope you enjoy this month’s issue of the Juniper!