The Jeffrey Pine Journal

Named after the Eastern Sierra’s most aromatic conifer, Friends of the Inyo’s Jeffrey Pine Journal is a handsome, biannual publication distributed free to our members.

Please enjoy the Jeffrey Pine Journal online by clicking on any of the links to past issues below:

Friends of the Inyo Wilderness Guide

Check out our Wilderness Guide for an overview of the Eastern Sierra, including places to see, conservation projects, FAQs, and organizations involved in preservation.

The Juniper Monthly Newsletter

The May 2022 Issue of Friends of the Inyo’s E-Newsletter, The Juniper, is here!

In this issue, learn about the economic power of nonprofits; find out how you can get involved in 30×30, helping to conserve 30 percent of California’s lands and coastal waters by 2030; discover how you can buy a local brand of coffee or a gorgeous coffee table book of photos of the Eastern Sierra, or both, while helping Friends of the Inyo; get the details about two Mono County events on May 7 organized by Backcountry Hunters & Anglers in conjunction with the Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership, and more. As always, happy reading…and if you like what you read, happy…

The April (Earth Day Month) Issue of our Juniper Newsletter is Here!

With our planet in climate crisis, we have plenty of ideas about things you can do to help the Earth – beginning with activities in our corner of the world, the beautiful lands of the Eastern Sierra, or “Payahuunadu,” The Land of Flowing Water, as the original Paiute inhabitants called this magical place. Also find inspiration in a testimonial of two living beings (a depressed human and a starving kitten) that rescued each other on Earth Day four years ago, and how that story encourages reflection on what we can do to “rescue” our planet. Happy reading…happy sharing!

Friends of the Inyo’s March Juniper E-Newsletter is Here and FULL of Events and Advocacy News!

Want to celebrate World Water Day online March 22 with the Keep Long Valley Green Coalition; tune in to a report via Zoom on the potential future mining impacts of mineral exploration at Conglomerate Mesa; celebrate some hopeful new developments on the protection of the Bodie Hills; attend Friends of the Inyo’s Owens Lake Bird Festival in April or a Dark Desert Skies Campout at Conglomerate Mesa in May; or read about the new Great Basin Native Artists exhibit at the Paitue Shoshone Cultural Center in English or en Español? Well, The Juniper March issue has it all!

Friends of the Inyo’s February Juniper E-Newsletter has information about our Owens Lake Bird Festival and lots more!

We have lots going on this month, including ticket sales for Friends of the Inyo’s Owens Lake Bird Festival coming up Saturday, April 23, as a LIVE event after a long COVID hiatus. Our Women of Winter Virtual FUNdraiser happens Friday, Feb. 11. Looking for summer work? Check out our job announcement for those wanting to become a Summer Trail Ambassador with us. Want to learn about fun opportunities to support our work without having to spend a dime? Read all about it in The Juniper!

Friends of the Inyo’s December 2021 E-Newsletter “The Juniper” is here!

Well, together we have gotten through another year of a worldwide pandemic, global warming, wildfires, drought, inflation and many other challenges…but many opportunities as well, including a brand-new job opening to help further the work of the Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership, of which FOI is a leading member. Yes, Friends of the Inyo is growing: Consider joining our team! Or just read about all our goings on in this issue of The Juniper E-Newsletter.