The Jeffrey Pine Journal

Named after the Eastern Sierra’s most aromatic conifer, Friends of the Inyo’s Jeffrey Pine Journal is a handsome, biannual publication distributed free to our members.

Please enjoy the Jeffrey Pine Journal online by clicking on any of the links to past issues below:

Friends of the Inyo Wilderness Guide

Check out our Wilderness Guide for an overview of the Eastern Sierra, including places to see, conservation projects, FAQs, and organizations involved in preservation.

Pine Nuts (Annual Impact Report)
Pine Nuts is Friends of the Inyo’s Annual Impact Report.
The Juniper Monthly Newsletter

Happy New Year! Our Jan. 2023 Juniper Newsletter has opportunities for you to help us ‘Grow our Circle of Friends…of the Inyo!’

Besides our new and exciting “Friendsraising” Campaign, learn about our staff changes in the New Year, find out about how you can help us carry out snow surveys while you’re out enjoying the snow in the Inyo National Forest (this is an exciting year for it!), read our new Desert Lands Organizer Jaime Lopez Wolter’s first contribution to our Spanish-language column in El Sol de la Sierra, and more! Happy reading…and if you like what you read, Happy Sharing!

The November (Native American Heritage Month) Issue of Friends of the Inyo’s Juniper E-Newsletter is here!

Our latest issue of The Juniper features an update on our recent lobbying trip to Washington, D.C.; a reminder to reverently observe Native American Heritage Month; a “Thank you!” to all who supported our fundraising appeal to help #ProtectConglomerateMesa; news about wildfire awareness events happening this week in Bishop and Mammoth; information on how to give back through stewardship with Friends of the Inyo at the American Alpine Club’s Bishop Craggin’ Classic on Nov. 13; the latest news from the Keep Long Valley Green Coalition; and more! Happy reading….and if you like what you read, happy sharing!

Stewardship End of Season Round-Up

Well, it’s official. The calendar page has been flipped to October, the leaves they are a changing, and our Trail Ambassador season has come to a close. Reflections and a Compilation of Staff Reports by Alex Ertaud, Stewardship Director Closing out the season is bittersweet, as I am so proud of the amazing work the TAs have accomplished this summer, and yet I am sad to see them go off into the fall, no longer helping us lead interpretive hikes and volunteer events, do important trail work out on the ground, and be a friendly presence out on the trails….

The September Issue of Friends of the Inyo’s E-Newsletter, “The Juniper,” is HOT OFF DA PRESS!

How is the collection of crab and shrimp traps that have come loose in the Salish Sea off the coast of Washington related to Friends of the Inyo’s work in California’s Eastern Sierra? If you don’t read the latest issue of The Juniper, you’ll never know.  Happy reading…And if you like what you read, happy sharing!