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Urgent Action Items
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Join us to Protect Conglomerate Mesa

Support Conglomerate Mesa Picture this: a gold mine on Conglomerate Mesa. A dusty cyanide heap-leach mine where there is now a quiet, culturally rich, open space filled with Joshua trees. All on Death Valley’s doorstep. It almost happened. In mid-May, Silver Standard Resources Inc. (SSR) was given the green light to explore for gold via drilling at Conglomerate Mesa. We believe the approval of the project failed to adequately analyze the effects of the proposed drilling, and so we challenged it. We filed a Request for Review by the State Director of the Bureau of Land Management. Shortly thereafter, SSR withdrew their application…


Senate Passes Encouraging Farm Bill

On June 28 the Senate passed (86-11) a bipartisan Farm Bill that is free of attacks on the environment. The passage of a clean Senate bill is an important step forward, but we are not out of the woods yet as a conference committee still needs to resolve differences between the House and Senate bills. The Senate’s work has just begun, as they begin meeting with the House to come to a resolution. The bipartisan Senate bill rejected numerous attacks on our national forest and public lands that were present in the House Farm Bill. That bill narrowly passed just last…


Protect NEPA!

The Trump administration announced plans for the largest roll back to the National Environmental Protection Act in its 48 year old history. The backbone of NEPA is the public review process allowing scientists, non-governmental organizations like Friends of the Inyo and the public to have a say on federal projects that impact public lands, air, water and wildlife. We know the current administration is no friend to the environment, but this is a step too far. NEPA underpins the requirement for thorough environmental analyses of every federal project. Although NEPA is not as well-known as the Clean Air Act and…