Casa Diablo Test

Casa Diablo

Name: Casa Diablo WSA
WSA Complex: Volcanic Tablelands
Acreage: 5,547 (BLM) + 3,620 (INF)
Location: 5 miles east of Tom’s Place

Natural Values:

Reddish-brown, with tortuous confirmations, the boulders look like they may have been coughed up from fiery depths, perhaps giving name to Casa Diablo, or “House of the Devil” in Spanish. The name isn’t too far off, as the surrounding Bishop Tuff, or lithified rhyolitic ash, was deposited during an explosion of the Long Valley Caldera 760,000 years ago. Casa Diablo Mountain, rising to an elevation of 7,912 ft, is made up of older, more dense, granite bedrock.

With shadscale scrub on the eastside, and sagebrush-bitterbrush vegetation on the westside, Casa Diablo sits between the Mojave and Great Basin Deserts. In addition, this area is critical winter habitat for the Casa Diablo mule deer herd..

Cultural Values:

Casa Diablo is thought to have been used by Paiute Indians for seed collection.

Recreational Values:

Recreational uses include: hiking, bouldering, camping, scenic photography, hunting, horseback riding, deer hunting, motor touring on designated roads