What We Do

Friends of the Inyo exists because the Eastern Sierra inspires people. Pure and simple. From our founding board members who gave up countless nights and weekends to help protect the place they called home to our hundreds of volunteers who, each year, give back thousands of hours to the trails, trees and tarns. the public lands of the Eastern Sierra insprire people to care for this magnificent place.

Wild places don’t stay wild by accident. Few kids discover the wonder of holding a side-blotched lizard on their own. Trails meandering through Jeffrey Pine forests to unbelievable aspen-hollow vistas don’t carve themselves. Campgrounds where family memories are made don’t get cleaned by snow. People protect wild places. People take kids outside. People build and maintain trails. People clean up campgrounds. Friends of the Inyo exists to help people explore, preserve and steward their public lands.


The best way inspire love for this place is to get out into it! On foot, skis or 4×4, Friends of the Inyo gets people outside to share the stories of this place and grow the family of people who will love and care for the Eastern Sierra today and tomorrow.


To ensure the priceless legacy of peace, freedom and wildness we inherited perseveres for future generations, Friends of the Inyo works to engage the people who live, work and play across Eastern Sierra public lands in meaningful, science-based and collaborative conservation.


We put our money where our mouth (or heart) is to get real, on-the-ground work done. In partnership with public lands management agencies, local governments, the buisness community and a growing family of public stewards, Friends of the Inyo keeps trails open, pulls invasive weeds, picks up trash, restores meadows, and even paints picnic tables.

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