Tribal Nations speak out on Conglomerate Mesa–Friends of the Inyo stands in support

Friends of the Inyo stands in support as Tribal Nations call out K2 Gold for ignoring their consultation and request  to stop mining at Conglomerate Mesa. Read the Timbisha Shoshone and Lone Pine Paiute Shoshone Tribes’ press release below.


“Mining Company Threatens Tribal Resources in California Desert”

Click here to read the official press release.

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Bryan, with the change of administration in D.C and Department of Interior in-particular, what effect, if any, do you anticipate that will have on curtailing drilling activity in Conglomerate Mesa.

Great question Richard. It is likely that the new DOI will positively influence the outcomes of the next proposed drilling at Conglomerate Mesa. Though it’s hard to combat the outdated 1872 Mining Law, I believe grassroots and grasstops leaders and citizens will come out strongly in opposition to this next phase of drilling. The goal is for the Ridgecrest BLM to outright deny this project given the amount of opposition. If they can’t, we hope to extremely limit the impact K2 Gold is allowed to have.

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