The Alabama Hills Management Plan Has Been Released

The Bureau of Land Management released the comprehensive management plan for the Alabama Hills National Scenic Area on January 15th, 2021. you can read the BLM’s press release and management plan in their entireties online here.

“The plan is designed to provide diverse, high-quality recreational opportunities while minimizing user conflicts, addressing human health and safety concerns, reducing recreational impacts, and enhancing other resources, values, and uses.”

– Bureau of Land Management  

Friends of the Inyo has written a memo highlighting the key points from the management plan.

Click here to read our
Memo on Alabama Hills Management Plan


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They initially said they had no plans to ban free dispersed camping. I correctly did not believe them.

Hey Karl – While camping will still be allowed in the Alabama Hills, it will look a bit different. Initially, there will be 50 free sites where you can dispersed camp. All you need to do is get a free permit, which will likely be posted on a kiosk at the entry points of the Alabama Hills. In addition to these sites, there will also be paid camping at the Tuttle Creek Campground.

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