Resource List: Celebrating the Owens River Headwaters Presentation

Owens River Headwaters + Wild and Scenic River Info:

ORH National Wild and Scenic Page

Mammoth to June Ecosystem Management Plan, 1996

Forest Service Owens River Headwaters Planning, 2020

Summary of Initial Wilderness Proposal, 2009

The River Network


More info on LADWP and Owens River: 

Podcast on the Owens River and LADWP: Series of Stakeholder Interviews


Info on First People in the Owens River Headwaters:

Northern Paiute Language Project

Bishop Paiute Tribe

The Archaeology of CA-MNO-2122: A Study of Pre-Contact and Post-Contact Lifeways Among the Mono Basin Paiute
By: Brooke Arkush, 1995 (book)


Info on Meadows: 

Meadows in the Sierra Nevada of California:

Meadows in Yosemite National Park

Meadows and Headwaters

Sierra Meadows Partnership


Info on Geology:

Mammoth Lakes Sierra by Genny Smith (book)

Sierra East: Edge of the Great Basin by Diana Tomback, Ann Howald, Harold Klieforth, and Genny Smith (book(

Study on White Wing Mountain Tree Ring Dating
Late Holocene forest dynamics, volcanism, and climate change at Whitewing Mountain and San Joaquin Ridge

Info on Obsidian, Glass, and Deadman Creek Domes


Wildflower ID:

Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada by John Muir Laws (book)