The People of the Owens Lake Bird Festival

While the birds were the star of the festival, the people made it pretty great too:


Saturday started out cold (photo by David Carle)…


But we persisted, and had a great time (photo by Janet Carle).


It was a gorgeous day to search for birds (Gabby Guerrero).


We learned a lot from Bob Steele about the art of bird photography (Sam Dummer).


Dave Herbst led his always popular exploration of the microbiotic life of Owens Lake (Janet Carle).


(David Carle)


This year’s festival offered many excited trips off the lake. Here’s the group from the Alabama Hills birding and botany tour (Nikki Nedeff)


Longtime USGS geologist Dave Wagner shared the geological history of Owens Lake (Sam Dummer)


Participants enjoyed a historical tour of Keeler led by Max Rosan and Karen Riggs (Janet Carle).