Panamint Valley Lithium Update & Monitoring Opportunity


Lithium exploration in Panamint Valley has been upheld through all levels of the NEPA process is set to move forward. All the proponent, Battery Minerals Inc., has to do is put a bond down with the BLM and they can begin drilling. It is tough to know when they will initiate exploration but in the meantime, we have a great opportunity for motivated environmentalists and volunteers to help us monitor the Panamint Valley project site.

What is monitoring?

In this case, monitoring is as simple as taking pictures of the drill sites before, during and after exploration has occurred to document changes in the land. If you have wildlife and flora identifying skills, these will be very handy! It will also be helpful to document the view-sheds from certain peaks and high points. For example, we need pictures looking down into Panamint Valley from Telescope Peak. Remember, Panamint Valley is adjacent to Death Valley National Park. You can easily tack this excursion onto your next trip to the National Park

Download the monitoring form here The form is complete with GPS coordinates, road names of the drill locations and basic instructions on what to look for. Friends of the Inyo will be there throughout February and March. Please let our Desert Lands Organizer, Bryan Hatchell, know what dates you intend to monitor so we know the full range of coverage over the next few months. Happy exploring!