Tell the Bureau of Land Management you do not want “Modified”—more destructive—drilling on Conglomerate Mesa!
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Inyo National Forest’s Proposed Action for Over-Snow Vehicle Use scoping comment period now open thru Oct. 20. Best to comment by Oct. 15. Public meetings coming up Sept. 20 & 21! 

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Owens Lake Bird Festival

The 1st Annual Owens Lake Bird Festival will take place on Saturday, April 25, 2015.  There will be a Welcome Reception at the Lone Pine Film History Museum the night before on Friday, April 24, 2015. A variety of field trips will be offered. There will also be a Closing reception at the Interagency Visitor Center. More information and details available here:      

Desired Conditions Photo Contest Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Desired Conditions photo contest! Wilderness:  Somer Seitz, Upper Onion Valley Ecosystems: Somer Seitz, Lower Onion Valley Mountains: Dianne Erskine-Hellriger, Lake Sabrina Sustainable Economic Opportunities: Gail Klett, Pack train over Piute Pass Recreation: Joe Blommer, Paddling Board Gull Lake Water:Joe Blommer, Owens River Headwaters Wildlife and Plants: Gail Klett, Wild Horses, River Springs   These photos were posted at the Inyo National Forest Planning workshop on Thursday, June 19th.  The workshop was well attended with over 80 people and photos and comments were well received by Forest Service staff from the local…

Fish Slough Volunteer Patrol

Fish Slough Volunteer Patrol Friends of the Inyo, along with the Bureau of Land Management, helped organized the Fish Slough Volunteer Patrol.  This was a group of volunteers who perform weekly monitoring in the Fish Slough Area of Critical Environmental Concern. Monitoring tasks included checking for OHV use off existing roads, clearing the fish gate to protect the habitat of the endangered Owens pupfish from non-native bass, and reporting vandalism at Native American petroglyph sites. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer steward of this unique and fragile oasis, please email The patrol is currently on hold, but…

Inyo National Forest Issue Poll

What is the most important issue to you on the Inyo National Forest? Recreational Opportunities Designated and Protected Areas Fire and Fuels Management Healthy Ecosystems: Water, Wildlife, and Plants Partnerships and Volunteerism Climate Change Cultural and Historical Resources Social and Economic Opportunities or View Results Create your own poll at

Marble Canyon – A chunk of Death Valley in Bishop’s backyard

An expedition up Marble Canyon embodies what makes exploring in the Eastern Sierra second to none. Close enough to town for a day trip, but far and rough enough to yield a meaningful four-wheel drive tour (or really long pedal!). Easy enough to walk, but just challenging enough to keep your mind off your in-town troubles and on your feet, the rocks and the desert creek. Diverse enough to contain plants from the Mojave Desert, Great Basin and Rocky Mountains all in one desert canyon. And it’s accessible and inviting year-round.             I first stumbled into Marble Canyon over a…

Mammoth Area Trails Report – September 11, 2013

Mammoth Area Trails Report September 11, 2013   Labor Day Weekend is one of the busiest weekends for the Inyo National Forest and with its passing the summer season seems to be coming to an end.  Parking spaces can now be found mid-day at Lake George, the Devils Post Pile is once again allowing the entry of personal vehicles and there are vacancies in the campgrounds in the Mammoth Lakes Basin.  For many people (both locals and visitors alike), this time of year is cherished. Another indicator that summer is coming to an end is the changing leaves of our…