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ESIA Adventure Series Films
ESIA Adventure Series Films


Golden Trout trip with Backcountry Horsemen

In early June we did a great trip down in the Golden Trout Wilderness, at the invitation of the Backcountry Horsemen and the Pacific Crest Trail Association, and with the Inyo National Forest. The adventure was in the middle of our gloomy June so we had great, cool, working conditions and even a bit of snow. After negotiating the lengthy drive from Bishop to the Black Rock Trailhead, near Kennedy Meadows we spent a night at the trailhead and then made the trek to Jordan Hot Springs. Some thirteen of us spent the next three days clearing MANY fallen trees…

2009 Chocolate Peak Winter Expedition Successful!

Braving sunny wind-swept skies, temps hovering in the 50’s, and the possibility of missing the Superbowl, we managed once again to summit Chocolate Peak, in the Piper Mountains, on the FOI 2009 Chocolate Peak in Winter Expedition. Conditions made for easy walking – and challenging snowshoeing… Thanks whoever brought the chocolate torte!  

Pulling Weeds

What is a weed? That’s the question I asked my group of high school students as we started a five day service learning program out at Eureka Dunes. Our work that week ranged from restoring illegal roads, helping to tune a barbed wire fence, campsite maintenance, and, yes, pulling weeds. I often wonder what the kids are expecting when they come on these trips. I the case of these kids, had they signed up only to fulfill a school requirement? Do the work, gimme my hours, thank you very much? The work done is what I think of as the…