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Stewardship Round-Up: August 2022

Yee-haw: It’s time for another edition of Stewardship Round-Up! Though this is our penultimate issue of this monthly dispatch, never fear and shed no tear, for we have a great re-cap for you this month. Recap compiled by Alex Ertaud, Stewardship Director for Friends of the Inyo August is always a great month for the Trail Ambassadors (TAs) to sink their teeth into some meatier projects they may have been eyeing and scouting in June and July. So, without further ado, here are some highlights of what the TAs have been up to this month: From Bradley Olson, Trail Ambassador…

The Latest Issue of the ‘Every Last Drop’ Newsletter of the Keep Long Valley Green Coalition Has a New Look!

Carbon sequestration, nature’s own way of capturing carbon and storing it in the environment, is looked at closely in the latest issue of Every Last Drop. Wetlands and meadows, such as those found in Long Valley, are great for sequestering carbon in the soil and keeping it from being released to the atmosphere. However, wetlands and meadows can only do this efficiently when they are healthy. LADWP’s water extraction is compromising the health of wetlands and meadows in Southern Mono County. Read all about it in Every Last Drop’s new visually appealing format!

Friends of the Inyo’s Juniper Newsletter for August has news of our Lone Pine Satellite Office Opening, and more!

Join us for our August 19 Open House at our new Satellite Office across East Bush Street from the Lone Pine Post Office. Read about the Great Basin Water Justice Summit that took place earlier this month. Learn about all our FREE hikes and volunteering events through the rest of the summer and into early fall. Find out how to leave a legacy of conservation by adding Friends of the Inyo to your estate plan in “Make a Will” Month, etc., etc., etc. Happy reading….And if you like what you read, happy sharing!

Stewardship Round-Up: July 2022

Read some exciting progress notes from our Trail Ambassadors, with an introduction and post-note from Stewardship Director Alex Ertaud. “We’re thick into the Dog Days of summer, hitting the midway point of our season, and the Trail Ambassadors (TAs) just keep on rolling! Alongside our Forest Service partners, our TAs have been up to some amazing work. But don’t take my word for it: Let’s hear it from the TAs themselves! Here are some highlights from their last month of work in north-to-south order depending on the Ranger District to which each of them is assigned.” From Bradley Olson, TA…

News is Out: Friends of the Inyo to open a Satellite Office in Lone Pine Aug. 19 – Come to our Open House!

Please come to an Open House from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, August 19, at our new satellite office space, located at 142 East Bush Street, across from the post office in Lone Pine. There will be free food, drinks, and the opportunity to meet our board and staff, and to mix & mingle with your Eastern Sierra neighbors. No RSVP necessary. Just show up! While Friends of the Inyo has always worked to protect and care for the lands of Southern Inyo County, the opening of our Lone Pine office is an important demonstration of our long-term commitment to…

The Latest Issue of the “Every Last Drop” E-Newsletter of the Keep Long Valley Green Coalition calls for greater LADWP Accountability

“We want a binding agreement from LADWP to continue historical irrigation pursuant to snowpack. Until we get that, we aren’t going anywhere.” Fighting words from Keep Long Valley Green Coalition Organizer Allison Weber. Read her impassioned advocacy piece in Every Last Drop, the coalition’s e-newsletter, analyzing the First District Court of Appeal for the State of California’s June decision to overturn a March 2021 ruling in favor of Mono County and the Sierra Club regarding LADWP irrigation on their ranch leases in Long Valley. The newsletter includes ideas on how to get involved in Eastern Sierra water protection. Happy reading….Happy…