Owens River Water Trail

The Owens River Water Trail Project envisions a boater’s paradise along a six-mile stretch of the Lower Owens River outside of Lone Pine. With ADA-accessible put-in and take-out points where all people can float, fish, and swim, this scenic Water Trail will be the first of its kind in California.

Why It Needs Work:

Because the Owens River does not flood annually, islands of muck, tule reeds, and cottonwood logs build up in the channel and obstruct navigation. Clearing this debris each year is a key part of turning this stretch of river into a navigable Water Trail. Friends of the Inyo partners with Inyo County and the Owens Valley Committee to lead annual maintenance efforts, including fun stewardship events to tackle tule reed removal.

In 2018, we’re excited to host two weekend-long volunteer projects on July 21-22 and August 18-19. Space is limited, so RSVP now to hold your spot!

*We are urgently seeking short-term donations of wetsuits and PFDs to keep our volunteers safe during these events. If you can loan us your gear for these two weekends, let us know!

Long Term Plan

The project is in early stages of planning, and Inyo County is working on the CEQA process. Wounded Warriers is working on a grant to build all access docks at the northern (put-in) and southern (take-out) ends of the river. While the realization of full recreation access is a few years down the road, this is an exciting opportunity for a variety of stakeholders to work together on a project that everyone is happy about, and that provides additional recreational and economic opportunities in Southern Inyo County.

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