Owens Lake Bird Festival Photos

We had a great 2nd Annual Owens Lake Bird Festival. Check out photos from Sunday morning’s outings and from activities during the week with students at Lone Pine elementary.


Russell Kokx sets up the Shorebird and Waterfowl Identification Tour to look for birds. “I promise there are birds out there,” he says.


The Shorebird and Waterfowl Identification tour scans Owens Lake.


“I found one,” says Sydney Quinn.


“See, I told you they were out there,” says Russell Kokx.


Longtime Owens Lake advocate and expert Mike Prather explains the magnificent journey of migratory birds.


The group sights migratory birds.


Kristie Nelson and Chris Langley enjoying the sounds of sea gulls.


Lone Pine Elementary students learning the basics of birding.


Lone Pine Elementary students applying their newly learned birding skills.


Looking at Mt. Whitney and the Sierra Nevada beyond downtown Lone Pine.


Statham Hall in downtown Lone Pine serves as the headquarters of the Owens Lake Bird Festival.


Owens Lake is where water, vast open sky, the high rise of the Sierra Nevada, thousands of migratory birds, and the story of human presence come together to define the geography of a special place.