Birding Ethics

Birding Ethics OLBF and Beyond

a. Avoid stressing birds or exposing them to danger. Causing birds to fly is a stress on their stored energy for migration and nesting.

b. Exercise restraint and caution during observation, photography, sound recording, or filming.

c. Keep well back from nests, roosts, and important feeding sites,

d. Stay on roads, trails, and paths where they exist; otherwise keep habitat disturbance to a minimum.

e. Keep groups to a size that limits impact on the environment, and does not interfere with others using the same area.

f. Do not enter private property without the owner’s explicit permission.

Please Follow this Code and Distribute and Teach it to Others.
The American Birding Association’s Code of Birding Ethics may be freely reproduced for distribution/dissemination. This list comes from the American Birding Association¬†