New Bighorn Sheep Kiosk in Pine Creek Climbing Area

Just outside of Bishop, Pine Creek Canyon offers some of the best rock climbing in the Eastern Sierra. It’s also critical habitat for a herd of about a hundred endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, for whom the steep walls provide protection from predators and a migration corridor between their summer and winter ranges.

Today, representatives from Friends of the Inyo, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Access Fund, the Inyo National Forest, and the local climbing community met to install an informational kiosk at the canyon’s main climber parking lot. This sign will help teach visitors about the wildlife who share this canyon, and how to recreate there respectfully.


Friends of the Inyo will be responsible for long-term maintenance of the kiosk. We’re proud to play a role in this effort to mesh recreational use with resource protection. There’s room for both human and bighorn rock climbers in Pine Creek Canyon!