Double Your Donation Through Patagonia ActionWorks

During this year’s season of giving, give back to the land by doubling your donation to Friends of the Inyo.

UPDATE: Thank you for your donations! With your help, Patagonia has reached its $10,000,000 maximum donation match so they will no longer match donations at this time. Click here to continue making donations directly to Friends of the Inyo on our website.

Patagonia will match every dollar donated through Patagonia ActionWorks during this time period. Make a donation to us on Patagonia ActionWorks today through December 31st and Patagonia will match your donation up to $10,000.

Remember, your donation must be made on Patagonia ActionWorks for your donation to be matched. Thank you to Patagonia for supporting our work!

Click here to donate on Patagonia ActionWorks to have your donation matched.