Mammoth Area Trails Report

September 11, 2013


Labor Day Weekend is one of the busiest weekends for the Inyo National Forest and with its passing the summer season seems to be coming to an end.  Parking spaces can now be found mid-day at Lake George, the Devils Post Pile is once again allowing the entry of personal vehicles and there are vacancies in the campgrounds in the Mammoth Lakes Basin.  For many people (both locals and visitors alike), this time of year is cherished.

Another indicator that summer is coming to an end is the changing leaves of our deciduous plants and trees.  Fall colors can be seen throughout the higher elevations in the mountains in the golden yellows and burnt oranges of willows and aspens.  If you are allergy prone, you may prefer to enjoy the display from a distance.  After walking through the willows that grow along streams and in the meadows above many of our lakes you will find your front covered in their bright orange pollen.

While out on patrol this past weekend, our Lakes Basin Steward found a total of 10 fire rings at likely camp sites around various lakes in the basin.  Some were more used than others but regardless of their popularity or size, all were dismantled and cleaned.  Beneath the ashes and soot of these forgotten campfires lie pounds and pounds of forgotten trash that must be dug up and brought out.  Please remember if you pack it in, please pack it out.  Also, that fires are not permitted within the Lakes Basin unless in a designated campground.  All information regarding fire restrictions in the Inyo National Forest can be found on their website (

Now that the crowds have cleared in the Eastern Sierra it is especially easy to get out and enjoy your own little slice of the Sierra in whatever way you prefer. Whether it be mountain biking or fishing or simply sitting at the edge of a quite meadow watching the birds dart past we hope that you continue to get out and enjoy the mountains before one season ends and the next begins.

This trail report is provided by Friends of the Inyo with support from the Town of Mammoth Lakes – Mammoth Lakes Trails System funding. The next opportunity to get out and give back to your public lands is September 21st – Coastal Cleanup Day in the Lakes Basin. Join the Inyo National Forest, MLTPA and Friends of the Inyo for the fifth 2013 Summer of Stewardship project working to improve and maintain these popular trails. For more info contact Drew Foster at