In case you missed our Communications Director Lou Medina’s interview with KMMT FM Arts, Culture & Entertainment (ACE) Show Host John DeMaria on September 3, please use our media player to listen to the full interview. You’ll get an update on our backcountry stewardship work done in early August in the Cottonwood Creek Wilderness; learn about volunteering events and outings coming up in September and October; find out about the upcoming issue of our Jeffrey Pine Journal celebrating FOI’s 35th Anniversary, and how you can receive it by becoming an FOI supporting member; hear about our Spanish-language outreach and more.

Happy listening, and if you like what you hear, happy sharing!

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What a terrific interview you did Legendary Lou!?
You are doing a fantastic job.
I didn’t know the first paid staff member was 14 years into FOI’s inception.
Thank you for the summary of the stewardship project in August. It’s impressive how much work those 7folks did.
Great shout outs for KMMT & El Sol de la Sol.

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