June Lake Trails Day

What a wonderful place to enjoy a Saturday. As usual, people in June Lake were wonderful to work with (not that people in other places in the Eastside are not wonderful to work with). This year nearly 30 volunteers came out to help out on the Parker Bench Trail, Gull Lake Trail, and Fern Lake Trail. Together we were able to maintain nearly 5 miles of trail and removed 50 pounds of trash.

Check out photos of volunteers removing invasive cheat grass and brushing the Parker Bench Trail.

Volunteers “brushing” the Parker Bench Trail. Brushing is cutting or pulling vegetation overgrowing the trail corridor. When plants overtake the trail, the path disappears, and people find their own way through, spreading the impact across the hillside.


Jean Dillingham pulls cheat grass. Cheat grass is invasive, burns really hot during a fire, and then grows in qucker and thicker than other plants, thus increasing the fire risk.

Volunteers also re-stained trail signs, removed grafitti from trees, and picked up trash.