Friends of the Inyo works to engage the people who live, work, and play across Eastern Sierra public lands in meaningful, science-based, and collaborative conservation. Our mission is to ensure the preservation of the priceless legacy of peace, freedom, and wildness for future generations.  Here are some of the current happenings in our Policy program:

Conglomerate Mesa

Conglomerate Mesa is a beautiful landscape covered in Joshua trees, pinyon pine and juniper. It was recently designated as California Desert National Conservation land. Friends of the Inyo is the lead organization focusing on its protection, and it is once again under threat for gold exploration. Conglomerate Mesa is the first roadless area in California targeted for an open pit gold mine under the new administration.

For more info, check our Conglomerate Mesa page…

Inyo National Forest Plan Revision

After a quarter century of directing management of the Inyo National Forest, in 2011 the local Forest Service began a multi-year process to revise the Inyo National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan. A final plan is expected in late 2018.

With a focus on public engagement and collaboration, your voice will be critical in helping create a plan to ensure sustainable habitat, watersheds and recreation across the incomparable Inyo National Forest for years to come.

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Desert Protection

The Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) was released on September 26, 2014, and outlines California’s renewable energy planning efforts alongside protection and conservation of California’s desert ecosystems. Approximately 22.5 million acres of federal and non-federal California desert land are in the DRECP Plan Area.

The DRECP planning area covers a small portion of Inyo County. The plan is being prepared through a collaborative effort between the California Energy Commission, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, also known as the Renewable Energy Action Team.

The DRECP has the potential to site renewable projects in the most appropriate locations while at the same time permanently protecting California’s diverse and unique desert communities.

The final DRECP Record of Decision was released in September 2016. The plan protected over 300,000 acres of the Eastern Sierra as California Desert National Conservation Land. Our work continues today to ensure full implementation of the plan and achieve the conservation goals it outlines.

Learn more about the DRECP here and view our comments here.


The Bodie Hills

A dramatic and unique landscape worthy of special protection, the sagebrush plateaus, volcanic ramparts and verdant aspen groves of the Bodie Hills rise north of Mono Lake into an ecological bridge connecting the High Sierra to the Great Basin. Please visit  www.bodiehills.org to learn more about our efforts as part of the Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership to secure meaningful protection for the Bodie Hills.