Inyo National Forest Plan Update

The Inyo National Forest released their Final Environmental Impact Statement and a preview of the Final Plan on September 20, 2019.

The Final Record of Decision is expected to be signed by the Forest Supervisor on or near October 21, 2019. After a 30 day waiting period the final plan will take effect. Implementation of the new plan will begin at this time with future planning processes such as Comprehensive River Management Plans for the Forest’s Wild and Scenic Rivers and winter travel management.

Since 2012, Friends of the Inyo has worked to shape the new land management plan that will guide activities on the Forest for the coming decade.

Some changes in the final plan we are particularly happy about include approximately 25,000 acres of new recommended wilderness in Mono County comprising three areas in the northeast corner of the Forest: Huntoon Creek (8,876), South Huntoon Creek, (5,898) and Adobe Hills (10,354). This recommended wilderness will be contiguous with over 200,000 acres of Inventoried Roadless Areas within the state of Nevada. The Forest also listened public input on eligible wild and scenic rivers, adding 24 miles on the lower reaches of Mono Lake tributaries including Lee Vining, Rush, Walker, Parker, and Mills creeks. The final plan now includes a map of all Inventoried Roadless Areas and provides management language consistent with the Roadless Area Conservation Rule. The final plan also has language for Riparian Conservation Areas, fens, and Rangeland livestock grazing.

Friends of the Inyo remains committed to working with the Inyo National Forest on implementation of the final plan in the years ahead.

*Update Read the final record of decision*