Installing Kiosks at the Buttermilk Boulders

Learning things at the kiosk.

At the end of November, Friends of the Inyo partnered with Touchstone Climbing, the Bishop Area Climbers Coalition, the Access Fund, and the Inyo National Forest to install two informational kiosks at the Buttermilk Boulders.

The Buttermilk area has long a premiere bouldering destination for climbers from around the world. And through the proliferation of social media, the Buttermilk Country is more crowded than ever. 
With that in mind, Touchstone Climbing sought to help educate our visitors on some of the best ways to climb responsibly. And what better way to do that than with some eye-cathcing kiosks? Once the fetching design was completed and approved by our partners at the Inyo National Forest, all that needed to be done was the install.

Digging holes is fun!

 With a bevy of tools and equipment, Friends of the Inyo was tapped to aid in that task. An eagerness to get away from my glowing screen saw me jumping at the opportunity to join Bishop Area Climbers Coalition (BACC)’s Matt Ulery in a day of digging holes, mixing cement, and getting these kiosks in the ground. 

And what fun it was! Snow, a thick stubborn of bedrock, and schedules created a time crunch, and we had to do the installs on two separate days. But we got it done, and now those recreating in the Buttermilk have a wealth of knowledge at their finger tips on how to best camp, climb, and answer nature’s call.

Next time you’re up in the area, check these beauties out! They’re located at the entrances to the Peabody and Birthday Boulders. They’re beautiful to look at, are strategically paired with photogenic views (though not hard to do out there), and who knows, you might even learn something.

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Great news! Thank you FOI and partners for adding important interpretative panels to this special area to help protect it and inform users!

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