Graffiti Removal Magic

Flash Foxy Clean up!

The third annual Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival stewardship event was an incredible success. One hundred and thirty-five women volunteered their time to pick up hundreds of pounds of trash, protect native plant seedlings, remove an old fence, and clean up campsites in the Buttermilk and the Volcanic Tablelands.

Photo by Alex Ertaud

Graffiti on Buttermilk Boulders

One of the highlights of the day was a graffiti removal project led by our friends at the Bay Area Climbers Coalition and Touchstone Climbing. Volunteers decked out in stylish Tyvek suits used paintbrushes to apply a product called Elephant Snot (!) to the graffiti.

Photo by Matt Ulery
Photo by Maura LaRiviere

Spray paint scrubbing

An hour later, after the Snot had done its work, the volunteers scrubbed away the spray paint with kitchen scrubbies and rinsed off the boulders with pressure washers. Like magic, the ugly black marks vanished before our eyes!

Before: photo by Maura LaRiviere
After: photo by Matt Ulery

It was such a thrill to restore the scenic beauty of these areas. We were delighted to teach a new generation of women climbers how important it is to recognize the cultural and ecological significance of the places where they climb, the impact they have on those places, and what they can do to help.

Thanks to all our volunteers! And thanks also to the partners who helped us coordinate this event, including the Bishop BLM, the Inyo National Forest, the Bishop Paiute Tribe, Flash Foxy, the Access Fund, the Bay Area Climbers Coalition, Touchstone Climbing, and the Eastern Sierra Conservation Corps.

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