“Worth More Than Gold Bike Tour” April 21 – 27

By Emily Markstein and Amber Rassler:

The dream for this bike tour began last winter when Amber and I spent our weekends biking the Eastern Sierra. As we wandered roads less traveled, we dreamed about integrating our love for biking with our passion for environmental advocacy and action. At the heart of our conversations was the desire to add extrinsic value and purpose to our intrinsic weekend activity. After months of conversation, we saw an opportunity to make our dreams a reality. In May of 2021, we discovered a foreign mining company was threatening one of our favorite places to recreate. KORE Mining had proposed a gold mine operation near Mammoth Lakes and, as we researched the project, discovered there are two other proposed mining sites in the Eastern Sierra. We knew that this was our call to action.

In my opinion, the adventure sports community can improve upon engagement with environmental advocacy and social justice. The land and water which we recreate in is under threat from climate change and capitalist enterprise; it is our duty to step up and protect the spaces we love. This intersection of environmental advocacy and adventure sports is a great example of how the adventure sports community can stand up and make a difference.

Our route will visit all three mining sites, beginning at the northernmost site at Bodie Hills. We will then continue southbound along Mono Lake and into the Long Valley Caldera. The second mining site is within 10 miles from Mammoth Lakes and within 2 miles of Hot Creek. We will continue South through Long Valley Caldera, past Casa Diablo and into the Owens River Valley. After traveling south along the base of the White Mountains to Lone Pine, we will journey into the Inyo Mountains. We will continue our adventure up and over this beautiful desert mountain range that borders Death Valley National Park until we reach our third and final mining site of Conglomerate Mesa. Here, at the end of our route, we will be greeted by Joshua Trees and other rare desert plants.

Opportunities for Supporters to Engage with the Tour

Mammoth Earth Day at Hot Creek
Date: Friday, April 22
Time: 7 – 9 pm
Location: Hot Creek Geologic Site Parking Lot

Event Details:
7 pm: Gather at Hot Creek Geologic Site for a group picnic (bring your own picnic – dessert will be provided)
7:30 pm: Tour update from Emily and Amber
8 pm: Star Talk (Speakers TBD)

Estimating 40 attendees. There is plenty of parking at Hot Creek.

Mammoth-to-Bishop Group Ride
Date: Saturday, April 23
Time: 7 – 11 am
Location: Meet at Whitmore Ball Fields Parking area

Event Details:
6:45 am: Gather at Parking lot at Whitmore Ball Fields Parking Area
7 am: Ride out
10 – 10:30 am: Reconvene at Bishop Earth Day Celebration

Estimating 15 attendees. This ride is unsupported, although we are hoping to have one SUV with a bike rack for true emergencies. Everyone should have spare tires, plenty of water, food and everything needed to get to Bishop. Attendees should arrange for transportation back from Bishop unless they plan to ride back.

Bike Tour: Lone Pine BBQ and Conglomerate Mesa Rally
Date: Monday, April 25
Time: 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Location: Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone Reservation Community  Center, 975 Teya Rd. in Lone Pine

Event Details:
5:30 pm: Speakers (TBD) talk about Conglomerate Mesa
6:00 pm: BBQ dinner (Dinner details TBD)
6:30 pm: Bike Team (Emily and Amber) will give a slideshow of the tour to date and talk about what’s ahead

Estimating 30 attendees.

Questions? Visit NoHotCreekMine.com or write to nohotcreekmine@gmail.com.