Families Enjoy Rock Creek with Trail Ambassadors

A Better Family Vacation! Starring Trail Ambassadors at Rock Creek

Julia Runcie and the Trail Ambassadors rescued us from our fourth of July doldrums. (They can save your family vacation too!)
Friends of the Inyo leads family friendly hikes and volunteer events bringing lucky folks together with nature.  This last weekend included two hikes ripe with fun, sun, and adventure (for free!)

Trail Ambassadors working on a trail

Our family planned to bounce from car rides, the Mammoth Amusement Park,  sugar highs, boredom, fights, etc…

Waiting in line…. for hours at the mountain

Our weekend trip with Friends of the Inyo

(A Better Way)

My dad and I enjoyed getting into the John Muir Wilderness, identifying plants, and soaking in the high sierra rays.  We met a Friends of the Inyo group at Rock Creek Lakes Resort and talked with our new trail buddies. We slathered sunscreen, bug spray, and sipped water preparing for the day.

As we sipped coffee another family joined us with four young girls from Los Angeles.  They planned to spend some quality time in the mountains.  I guarded cautious optimism as my niece and nephew decided hours ago to pass on the hike for video games.  Kids these days bore easily and I worried we wouldn’t have enough electronic entertainment on the day’s adventure.

Rock Creek Lakes Resort is a great little restaurant, and supporter of the Trail Ambassador program.

Excited backpackers, fly fisherman, and artists packed the winding road to the trail-head. Predictions of sun and warmth promised long beautiful day and a crowded trail head. We lost a couple of hikers to different trails, but a cool breeze christened our outing towards a string of alpine lakes. Blooms lined the trail including wild iris, onions, snapdragons, willows, sunflowers, and columbines.  We even spotted Elephant heads (insert flower nerd euphoria here)!  The sparkling creek rushed along, as one young hiker explained her ambitions for a new YouTube channel.

The individual flowers look like Elephants with ears and little pink snouts!

Nobody complained, got hungry, or got bored.  The trail carried us between flower patches and wild lake views. Some hopped flooded trail sections for the first time balancing on small rocks. The lack of structure and certainty scared away my niece and nephew, but these kids didn’t want to stop.  They explored and discovered new things while having a unique and memorable day with our group.

We left the hike with great memories, pictures, and some new friends. I hope this story inspired you to take your family on a hike with our Trail Ambassadors. The best adventures come in the least expected places. We cut through the electronic and industrial world to get outside, and it was a great activity.  Tell us your story in the comments below!

These trips are made possible by the tireless efforts of our Trail Ambassadors.  Help us reach more generations with life changing experiences with a membership here.

Thanks to one of our great volunteer guides Julie Rolfe