Eastern Sierra Webcams Bring the Views to You!

In this time of sheltering in place and social distancing, you may be pining for the stunning views the Eastern Sierra known for. But wait, you also want to be a good citizen, and observe those governmental directives for the sake of your fellow citizens and the world at large and not spread this virus.


What a conundrum you find yourself in. How to balance your desire for stunning vistas and a moral obligation to stay home? Luckily for you, there is a deep collection of webcams from around the Eastern Sierra ready to bring the views to you, in the comfort and safety of your home!

Below you’ll find links to webcams showcasing the stunning scenery of our Eastern Sierra public lands, and the I’ll share some tips for prime web-cam viewing.

Tips and Tricks for a 5-Star Viewing Experience:

  • As I mentioned, my favorite times to check in on these cameras is around sunrise and sunset. You’d be amazed how well the amazing colors come through “virtually”. Use this handy website to check what time the sun will be rising and setting wherever the webcam you’ll be watching is located.
  • If you can hook your computer up to a TV screen or projector, or have a smart TV, throw that webcam view on there! It’ll create an immersive experience, and you’ll forget how many days you’ve been quarantining. Watch the sunset from the summit of Mammoth Mountain over a glass of wine from your living room. Enjoy your morning pot of tea with a view of sunrise hitting Carson Peak from your breakfast nook. The possibilities are endless. What a time to be alive!


So there you have it, a quick-start guide to enjoying the splendors of our Eastern Sierra public lands from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy, and let us know if you have a favorite place to check-in to, or if you have any tips or tricks yourself. And we hope you and yours are staying well, safe, and entertained in this time of uncertainty.

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http://bishopweather.com/ also has the “Bishop skyline” on display, and saved movies of spectacular days.

Thanks for the extra resource Maggie!

Thanks, Alex! What a terrific resource this is.

You bet Jeff! Hope you’re staying well.

Thank you for compiling all these webcams! My husband and I have missed visiting and seeing the areas along HWY 395, and these webcams will be SO enjoyable. Thanks again!

Our pleasure. Enjoy!

Joe here from the Bishop Chamber working remotely. I didn’t see any links for Owens Valley. If you need them, here are the ones I am familiar with. Great idea — we use a similar concept to engage with guests above and beyond for their support in self-isolating in their homes. We call it “Since You Can’t Come to Bishop, We Bring Bishop to You”.
Here is the link to a directory of different webcams I didn’t see on your post. One of the webcams is out of Lone Pine, Idaho which somehow got into the directory.

Hey Joe,
Thanks for these added resources, and bummed we missed some.

Great idea. Thanks.

You bet. Enjoy!

I visited the High Sierra many, many times when living in So. Calif. And then I lived in Bishop for 20 years before having to move. I’ve been gone 5 years and am still heartsick. I look at my pictures over and over and now you’ve created something that will fill my heart even more. Thank You!

Glad you enjoy them :).

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