Your DRECP Comments Needed

Keep The Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan Intact! Comments Due March 22nd

The Department of Interior issued a federal register notice opening a 45 day comment period “on increasing opportunities for increased renewable energy development, recreational and off-highway vehicle (OHV) access, mining access, and grazing”

This amending of the DRECP is a slap in the face to eight years of collaborative work, research and public outreach to balance renewable energy and conservation in the California Desert and identify areas most suitable for development. The Department of Interior said in a press statement it is exploring changes to the plan at the request of some of the seven counties within the planning area, including Inyo County. Friends of the Inyo spent three years working on the DRECP, submitting formal comments and organizing around public comment within Inyo County. We are opposed to any amendments or land use changes to the DRECP. We are concerned the Interior Department’s focus is not only on renewable energy development, but opening up new mining claims and other destructive development within the formally designated renewable energy development zone as well as in the California Desert National Conservation Lands, National Recreation Areas, Areas of Critical Environmental Concern, wildlife allocated areas, and National Scenic and Historic Trail corridors.

Contact the BLM and tell them to leave the DRECP alone! You may submit comments on issues and planning criteria to the BLM-California State Director, 2800 Cottage Way, Rm W-1623, Sacramento, CA 95825 or electronically to

You can also comment here.