Dog day at Bishop City Earth Day with Muffin and Ace

Muffin and Ace toured the cornucopia of tables at Bishop City Earth day, and had a great time!

Join us for a walk through some of the fun!

Muffin and Ace survey the grass at Bishop City Park
Muffin and Ace surveyed the turnout as we arrived with over 40 booths there is so much to see and sniff.


Glady Recyclescope at the city park
Once again the “Recycle”scope made an appearance, but was a little intimidating for the dogs.


Face painting at Bishop City Earth day
Kids lined up for face painting at Erin’s booth. Sadly I wasn’t sure if face paints are safe for our office pups.

Quick online research showed kid safe face paints are usually safe for pets so we will definitely be stopping in for a makeover in 2020.

Marie at the Eastern Sierra Land Trust table Bishop City Earth Day
Muffin was excited to visit his friend Marie from Eastern Sierra Land Trust. He met her on our Bodie Hills ski and snowshoe trip. (She is an amazing skier!) This time he brought his own stick to chase.


Human Powered ferris wheel at bishop city park
Humans powered their own Ferris wheel in the Bishop city park. This is a great reason to bring a friend (about the same weight.)



Bishop 4x4 club Booth at the Bishop Earth Day
Our Friends at the Eastern Sierra 4 wheel drive club promoted traveling designated routes and enjoying our beautiful public lands. They gave out free OHV route maps.  Get your own beautiful printed maps at Friends of Jawbone map store or for free on your device at the app store.  We look forward to working with the OHV community to get the word out and doing more trail projects like our public lands day 4×4 trail cleanup.


We are happy to see Aerial silks by Sara found a home in Bishop at Sierra Shanti, and her program continues going strong!


Muffin’s favorite photos always come from cutouts at Bishop City park.


Friends of the Inyo Table at Bishop City park
Thank you to all the volunteers including Robert Zimmerman who helped with our Friends of the Inyo Table and earth day children games by Lorraine Masten at the Earth Day celebration!

Thank you to the tireless event organizers at Bishop Sunrise Rotary.

We look forward to see you at our next event or reach out to volunteer at