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Christopher Sahagun

Our conservation lands should be conserved.

These lands need to be saved and protected, in no way should there be any kind of open pit mine! This is absolutely ruining land that doesn’t need to be disturbed. This will ruin history and native lands that in every right need to be saved and continue to be protected.

Save the footprint of the Native American, Spanish American, Miners, along with their Mines, their Mining camps , and all of the natural beauty of the Inyo mountains and deserts.
Christopher W Fowler

Do not destroy our conservation lands with open pit cyanide mines. Preserve the natural beauty of our wilderness and recreation areas. Some things are more important than profits.

As the dominant species on this planet it is our duty to steward and protect it and all it’s invaluable resources and other inhabitants; not take what we want and destroy whatever happens to be in the way. Do not defile these irreplaceable anthropological and ecological treasures by mining here. Preserve the heritage and wildlife of this area for future generations to marvel at.

The plants and archeology are incredible at the Mesa! Please be sure to submit your comments the Ridgecrest BLM as well. You can do at this link!

This is a mismanagement of the land and what remaining natural resources we have, including water in an area that is already struggling with the worst drought in centuries. Other states and countries have banned this form of mining due to it being potentially hazardous to flora and fauna. I cannot believe that America is allowing this kind of mining to continue, especially by a Canadian business who has no vested interest in America at all.

Well said Rebecca! If you haven’t already, please be sure to submit these comments at the following link. My best,

Heather Cullen Knapp

Allowing K2 Gold to proceed with an open-pit cyanide heap leach gold mine or any associated exploratory drilling on protected the land of the Conglomerate Mesa is essentially stealing from the American People and future generations thereof. The Conglomerate Mesa is an environment of rich and distinct diversity that cannot be found anywhere else in the world and it deserves protection and preservation at all costs because it a SHARED RESOURCE. Not only will K2Gold destroy this public resource, an open pit cyanide heap leach gold mine will use precious resources that are already scarce. The damage of this drilling project is unforeseen and will likely cause destruction in ways yet to be seen or predicted. We are at a crossroads with this and one of those roads is clearly a dead end.

This obsession with money and resources is blinding people’s ability to see the ramifications of their actions. Our resources are not infinite. Every spot of land that is touched or mined or leached or built upon is another spot of land that will never be normal again. The organisms that have lived there for millennia will not live there again. We have taken up so much space on this planet.

We have other options at our fingertips; we just need to break out of the old, outdated ruts we are sticking in. There are better ways to make money, better ways to fuel the economy. It’s 2021 for goodness’ sake. We do not need to go out into this untouched landscape and create another wound that will never heal.

As our POPULATION INCREASES and our natural areas disappear, we cannot afford to lose the beautiful Conglomerate Mesa.

The ruinous use of this land for gold extraction will increase the risk of GROUND WATER contamination when water is currently in short supply, and in the foreseeable future.

Conglomerate Mesa is very important for native wildlife which face DWINDLING HABITATS and climate change.

Americans to beautiful places like Conglomerate Mesa can obtain RELIEF from the environmental and social stresses of our times.

The proposed destructive mine in search of SHORT TERM GAINS for a few will only add to our problems.

Allowing this project to go forward would be environmentally devastating.

When the gold is gone, leaching heaps remain–and not much else.

Allowing this to happen will devastate this area. So many different types of animals feeds off of this area, certain populations may not return or venture elsewhere if they lose their favorite/main source of food here. We will lose part of our land and it’ll kill the environment!! There should be no reason to destroy such a place. Please do not allow this to move forward!

Please protect the environment and DO NOT permit drilling in our conservation lands!

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