New Company Interested in Mining Conglomerate Mesa

In April 2019, the BLM State Office upheld the Perdito Project environmental assessment that approves exploratory drilling via helicopter access at Conglomerate Mesa. This means exploratory drilling could begin anytime. While there is no company currently positioned to carry out the exploration, Friends of the Inyo recently learned that a company has visited the area and is interested in leasing the claims.

That company is K2 Gold, based in Vancouver, Canada. K2 Gold is an exploration-focused mining company with many ongoing projects in the Yukon Territory and Alaska. They appear to have the resources to execute the Perdito Plan of Operations.  Coalition members have been told K2’s interest in pursuing the Perdito Plan of Operations or submitting a revised Plan of Operations is “strong.”

Friends of the Inyo, our partners, and the constituency of businesses and citizens who oppose exploration are intensely monitoring this project. While no public notice is required if the project starts up, we are confident we will learn of activities before they begin. Any exploratory drilling or mining project at Conglomerate Mesa will be met with strong local, regional and national opposition. The people of Inyo County have made it abundantly clear that an open-pit cyanide heap leach gold mine and any associated exploratory drilling is not welcome at Conglomerate Mesa.

For a better understanding of Conglomerate Mesa and it’s proximity to critical lands, see map below.

What do we need? – Right now, we need those who care about Conglomerate Mesa to be ready and keep their ears to the ground. Friends of the Inyo will keep you informed with the latest information regarding interested companies. Social pressure is our main tool in keeping Conglomerate Mesa safe while we seek permanent protection for the land. We will have upcoming events and field trips centered around Conglomerate Mesa beginning in October. The Conglomerate Mesa Newsletter and the Conglomerate Mesa webpage are the best ways to stay up to date. Also, FOI is hard at work generating business support for Conglomerate Mesa. If you own a business, we encourage you to reach out to learn how we can work together. Also, please consider signing our Business Letter of Support. Finally, you may call our office and ask for our Desert Lands Organizer, Bryan Hatchell, for project updates. (760) 873-6500