Comment Letter on Haiwee Pumped Storage Submitted

Towards the end of November, Friends of the Inyo submitted comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on L.A area company, Premium Energy’s application for a preliminary permit to examine the Haiwee area for its “pumped storage” capabilities. Simply put, pumped storage is a type of energy storage that involves two reservoirs, one at a higher elevation and one at a lower elevation. When energy is cheap, water is pumped uphill to the higher reservoir for storage. When demand is higher and energy is more expensive, it is sent downhill and sold at a higher price. Read more for background on pumped storage here.

Friends of the Inyo understands the necessity for renewable energy and solutions. At this point in the planning process, as detailed in our comment, Friends of the Inyo neither directly supports or opposes the project at this time. We are pointing out a number of considerable logistical and environmental challenges of this project to FERC. Friends of the Inyo will continue to monitor this project every step of the way. The comment period closed November 22nd and we await for FERC’s issuance or denial of this preliminary application.

Read Friends of the Inyo’s comment here.