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In this issue, read about the history of the L.A./Eastern Sierra Water Wars, and how the Keep Long Valley Green Coalition is working to achieve equitable water sharing in the Eastern Sierra, in a column submitted by Friends of the Inyo Executive Director Wendy Schneider, and originally published earlier this month in the Walking Water ( e-newsletter and blog.


FOI Executive Director writes about equitable water sharing in the Eastern Sierra in the latest Walking Waters Newsletter

Walking Water ( convenes and catalyzes regional and global partners to highlight, bring awareness to and be part of contributing to possible “solutions” for both the local and global situation of one of our planet’s most important resources: water. Friends of the Inyo is grateful for the invitation extended to Executive Director Wendy Schneider to help raise awareness about our collaborative efforts around water justice in the Eastern Sierra through FOI’s involvement in the Keep Long Valley Green Coalition. Her piece in Walking Water’s latest newsletter, provides a great historical perspective and offers opportunities to get involved.

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The Mid-August Issue of “Every Last Drop” the E-Newsletter of the Keep Long Valley Green Coalition is Hot Off the Press!

Read about how Payahuunadu, “the land of flowing water,” turned into the land of swirling dust after the pumping of Owens Valley water resources to an ever-thirsty Los Angeles began more than 100 years ago. Learn from “Manzanar Diverted: When Water Becomes Dust” filmmaker Ann Kaneko about her own discovery moment when, as a third-generation Japanese-American L.A. resident, she learned that the water she drank came from the same region where her parents had been held in an internment camp during World War II. Please help us spread the word.

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Introducing ‘Every Last Drop’ – A Newsletter of the Keep Long Valley Green Coalition

Welcome to the launch of Every Last Drop: Exposés on the L.A. / Eastern Sierra Water Wars, a biweekly newsletter of the Keep Long Valley Green Coalition ( Every Last Drop aims to distill the turbulent history and complex issue of water into manageable, drop-sized installments for the benefit of residents of Inyo, Mono and Los Angeles counties. Every Last Drop will offer readers thoughtful pieces by Eastern Sierra Author and Every Last Drop Writer/Editor Jamie Della. You will also find in the newsletter a link to subscribe. It’s FREE!


Help Fight Multiple Threats of Harmful Mine Development

Three beautiful Eastern Sierra landscapes, Conglomerate Mesa, Long Valley and the Bodie Hills, are under threat from foreign mining companies whose proposed projects would generate profits for them at the expense of  destroying economically and ecologically important landscapes in Inyo and Mono counties. These projects threaten the scenic beauty of our landscapes with toxic contamination of soil and water, damage to the habitat of struggling species, dust, noise and light pollution, all conditions that are detrimental to our area’s recreational tourism and ranching economy. These proposals to destroy lands for profit also show great disrespect to the Eastern Sierra’s native…

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Comments needed on LADWP’s Water Management Plan | Action Alert

Speak for the Eastern Sierra – Two Important Meetings May 25 – Comment on approval of the Urban Water Management Plan The LADWP Board of Commissioners meeting plans to address the Urban Water Management Plan. This meeting includes high level decision makers from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and your comments can make a real difference. The Urban Water Management Planning process provides the city an opportunity to apply conservation gains towards reducing the need to import water. Talking points for comments include: The City of LA has made incredible progress in water conservation. It is clearly…


LADWP will provide minimal amount of water

LADWP will provide minimal amount of water In late April, DWP indicated by correspondence that it will provide a minimal amount of water for irrigation in Long Valley this year. In early April, the KLVG coalition submitted official comments on DWP’s Urban Water Management Plan pointing out that the data provided by DWP in its draft plan indicates that it is possible for the agency to meet the water demands of its ratepayers and drastically reduce, or even eliminate, reliance on water exported from the Eastern Sierra over the next 25 years. In spite of this, the agency’s draft plan…


Keep Long Valley Green Update April 2021

Keep Long Valley Green Update LADWP faces no 2021 water shortages, yet refuses to start irrigation in Long and Little Round Valleys The Keep Long Valley Green (KLVG) coalition, made up of ranchers, environmental non-profits, local tribal members, and representatives from a diverse set of recreation interests, continues to seek a long-term commitment from Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) to maintain historic water spreading practices in Little Round and Long Valleys. So far, the recalcitrant agency has steadfastly refused. Indeed in 2021, as reported by the LA Times, LADWP faces no foreseeable water shortages and yet has…


Update: Keep Long Valley Green Campaign

Update: Keep Long Valley Green Campaign The Keep Long Valley Green campaign has been very active in 2020 working to secure LADWP’s commitment to an adequate water supply for the area’s ecological, economic and recreational needs. Long Valley is a critical part of Eastern Sierra ranching operations, provides important habitat for the threatened sage grouse and other species, and is a popular recreation area for both locals and visitors. Settlement negotiations regarding the lawsuit filed by Mono County and the Sierra Club are ongoing. While we hope those negotiations secure a long-term commitment from LADWP to provide adequate water, the campaign…