Bodie Hills WSA

Wilderness Potential in the Bodie Hills

Name: Bodie WSA
WSA Complex: Bodie Hills
Acreage: 14,455 
Location: Northeast of Lee Vining, Southeast of Bridgeport

Natural Values:

From the pinyon pine and juniper rising out of rocky canyon walls, to the aspen and willow stands growing alongside streams, the Bodie WSA provides optimal habitat for many eastern Sierran fauna. Sage grouse strut through the dried lakebeds, and mule deer mothers keep a watchful eye on their fawns as they graze on bitterbrush.

To the northeast, a large cinder cone, Beauty Peak, rises over Dry Lakes Plateau, a volcanic tableland dotted with ephemeral lakes. The flatness of the plateau offers a break from the surrounding hilly landscape.

Cultural Values:

To the south, the Bodie WSA borders the Bodie State Historic Park, a preserve of the mining ghost town of Bodie. The presence of obsidian and pinyon nuts suggests this area was very important to the Paiute Indians.

Recreational Values:

Hike through the narrow canyons of Rough and Atastra Creeks, or hike up to the Dry Lakes plateau to gaze upon Beauty Peaks.

Escape the crowds of ski resorts, and cross-country ski through the Bodie’s hilly terrain.

Other activities include: horseback riding, photography, camping, historical sightseeing, backpacking, geologic sightseeing, ORV use on designated roads, and deer hunting.