Bodie Hills Mining Threat Returns

Aurora Mine adjacent to the Bodie Hills. Courtesy of Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership


Canadian based Radius Gold has filed a preliminary application to begin gold mining exploration in the heart of the Bodie Hills near the Dry Lakes Plateau and Rough Creek drainage.

This new proposal was recently brought before the Mono County Land Development Technical Advisory Committee for consideration.  The proposed exploration site sits on a split parcel of state leased mineral rights land and private land used for cattle ranching. You can access the “pre-application” to Mono County click here.

Access for the exploration is within the BLM managed Bodie Wilderness Study Area (WSA). The WSA is subject to restrictions for ground disturbance and development, which includes the infrastructure and roads necessary to make exploration a reality. Another major concern of this project is that the water needed for exploration is proposed to come from a contaminated mine site in Nevada. Numerous wildlife species use this core habitat connectivity area, including the Bi-State Sage Grouse, which is currently under consideration for federal listing (learn about the Bi-State Sage Grouse). Rough Creek is also historic spawning habitat to the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout and an area identified for restoration.

Many recall the past gold mine threats in the mid 2000’s–we have fought this battle before and won with our community coming together in opposition. Our work will involve engaging the Mono County Board of Supervisors, the State Lands Commission and the BLM.

In a place known for its scenic recreation opportunities, ranching way of life and tourism opportunities, mining in the Bodie Hills is our past and not our future.  We need to make certain that our quality of life is not negatively impacted by mining activities. Mining’s associated water, air, noise and visual pollution should not destroy our other economic opportunities, like tourism, recreation and ranching, all drivers of our Northern Mono County economy.

You can help protect this American treasure! Stay tuned for updates as we gather more information on this emerging threat.

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Stop any thoughts of mining anywhere in the Bodie hills. Even if there is gold, some pristine places should not be disturbed.

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