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Double, Double Toil and Trouble: Fire Burn and ‘Caldera’ Bubble!

National Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from September 15 through October 15. Friends of the Inyo would like to celebrate with our community by sharing the original meanings of just a few nature or conservation terms that have made their way from Spanish into English. Caldera is the Spanish word for cauldron or boiler. It has been adopted into English as a geological term that, according to the National Geographic Online Resource Library (nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia), means a large depression formed when a volcano erupts and collapses. The main difference between a caldera and a crater is twofold: Craters are formed by…

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In this issue, read about the history of the L.A./Eastern Sierra Water Wars, and how the Keep Long Valley Green Coalition is working to achieve equitable water sharing in the Eastern Sierra, in a column submitted by Friends of the Inyo Executive Director Wendy Schneider, and originally published earlier this month in the Walking Water (walking-water.org) e-newsletter and blog.

Life's a Playa

Whether it’s at the edge of the continent or inland, life’s a “playa.”

Inland or not, a “playa” needs two things: water and sand. National Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from September 15 through October 15. Friends of the Inyo would like to celebrate with our community by sharing the meanings of just a few Spanish-language words that have made their way into English. Playa is one such word. In Spanish, it usually means beach. But according to the Royal Spanish Academy’s website, rae.es, in some South American countries, playa can also mean a flat, wide and clear space intended for specific uses in towns and large-area industries: e.g., playa de estacionamiento means…

Sierra and Mountain Range

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by Learning Nature and Conservation Words in Spanish that Have Made their Way into the English Language!

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! National Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from September 15 through October 15. Friends of the Inyo would like to celebrate with our community by sharing the meanings of just a few Spanish-language words that have made their way into English. We begin with a word that defines the place we call home: Sierra. In Spanish it means both “saw” and “mountain range,” most likely because the peaks of a mountain range resemble the teeth on a saw blade. It is easy to see the relation between sierra and the English word serrated, which means notched or…


Forest Service Ending Regional Closure Order Two Days Early; Five Forests (NOT Inyo Nat’l. Forest) to Remain Closed Under Local Orders

The USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region will end the regional closure order affecting National Forests in California at 11:59 pm on Wednesday, Sept. 15, two days prior to the original end date of Sept. 17. However, forest-wide closures will remain in place and be extended until midnight on September 22nd on the Los Padres, Angeles, San Bernardino, and Cleveland National Forests in Southern California due to local weather and fire factors, as well as a temporary strain on firefighting resources supporting large fires in other areas of the state.

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Listen to Friends of the Inyo’s Lou Medina tell KMMT Listeners about what’s coming up from FOI in Sept-Oct

In case you missed our Communications Director Lou Medina’s interview with KMMT FM Arts, Culture & Entertainment (ACE) Show Host John DeMaria on September 3, please use our media player to listen to the full interview. You’ll get an update on our backcountry stewardship work done in early August in the Cottonwood Creek Wilderness; learn about volunteering events and outings coming up in September and October; find out about the upcoming issue of our Jeffrey Pine Journal celebrating FOI’s 35th Anniversary, and how you can receive it by becoming an FOI supporting member; hear about our Spanish-language outreach and more….


FOI Executive Director writes about equitable water sharing in the Eastern Sierra in the latest Walking Waters Newsletter

Walking Water (walking-water.org) convenes and catalyzes regional and global partners to highlight, bring awareness to and be part of contributing to possible “solutions” for both the local and global situation of one of our planet’s most important resources: water. Friends of the Inyo is grateful for the invitation extended to Executive Director Wendy Schneider to help raise awareness about our collaborative efforts around water justice in the Eastern Sierra through FOI’s involvement in the Keep Long Valley Green Coalition. Her piece in Walking Water’s latest newsletter, provides a great historical perspective and offers opportunities to get involved.

Kathy Bancroft

‘Haaland’s mining justice moment’: Must-read opinion piece from Lone Pine Paiute Shoshone Tribal Leader in the 9/2/2021 Inyo Register

By Kathy Bancroft Lone Pine, California, the town where I was born and have lived all my life, sits in the valley by Conglomerate Mesa a mile from Death Valley National Park. I call the place Payahuunadü, meaning “land of flowing water.” The Mesa hosts a vibrant, beautiful and productive ecosystem of rare and unique desert plants, as well as culturally sensitive and archeologically significant artifacts. Returning to the Mesa, I am thrown back to my childhood, gathering pinyon nuts, listening to my relatives share our stories, and performing traditional rituals. Conglomerate Mesa is the traditional homeland of my people,…

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Public Lands Management Explained – En Español – on the Front Page of the Sept. 2 Issue of El Sol de la Sierra

Our outreach to Inyo  and Mono County’s Spanish-speaking community continues, thanks to our partnership with the Eastern Sierra’s sole Spanish weekly newspaper, El Sol de la Sierra. In this week’s issue, read Friends of the Inyo’s Communications Director Louis Medina’s monthly column, which now has a name, “Amigos de Nuestras Tierras” (“Friends of Our Lands”); in it, he explains the different types of public lands that exist in the U.S., how they are managed by various national and state agencies, and how you can access public lands in Inyo and Mono for FREE by signing up to attend a Friends…

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KMMT Helps Promote Friends of the Inyo’s Stewardship Events in September

Friends of the Inyo gives a hearty “Thanks!” to our friends at KMMT FM Radio (www.kmmtradio.com),  for helping us to promote our Volunteer Stewardship Events in September: Bridgeport Trails Day on Sept. 18, and National Public Lands Day at Alabama Hills on Sept. 25. Take a listen: Please be sure to visit friendsoftheinyo.org/events to sign up for these volunteering opportunities, or any of our interpretive hikes and outings, and to stay up to date with any schedule changes due to forest closures because of wildfires. Join us! All our events are FREE.