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ACTION ALERT: K2 Gold and Mojave Precious Metals Town Hall

Happening Wednesday, March 24th at 6:00 PM

An opportunity to share your support for protecting Conglomerate Mesa with K2 Gold Questions and Mojave Precious Metals. 

K2 Gold and their subsidiary, Mojave Precious Metals, are hosting a virtual town hall Wednesday, March 24th, at 6 PM. We must rise up and stand together to protect Conglomerate Mesa. Now is the time to let K2 Gold know that mining at Conglomerate Mesa is not welcome!

K2 is proposing to open up a wild and remote part of the west Mojave desert on the edge of Death Valley National Park to destructive drilling accessed by miles of new road construction with the intent of eventually constructing an open-pit cyanide heap leach gold mine.

We encourage you to ask questions and make statements that are important to you. If you need inspiration, this past Sunday, the LA Times wrote a great article on Conglomerate Mesa. This article raises a number of great questions that you can pass along to K2 Gold.

Stand for Native Lands. Stand for the wildlife. Stand For Conglomerate Mesa

Register for the Town Hall

And download these virtual Zoom backgrounds and profile photos to show K2 Gold that Conglomerate Mesa deserved to be protected!



What else can I do?

1. Sign the petition of support on!
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3. Make a donation to support our work.

Learn more about the campaign to save Conglomerate Mesa:


Comments (4)

Do you offer any easy field trips for seniors and/or maps to the site?
Is your office open next week? I would prefer to see the site, with someone familiar with it, before next virtual meeting.

Thank you,
Robert Leyland
Los Angeles CA
In the event I’m sent an email, kindly send me a text alerting me of the same.

Hey Robert – I replied to the email you sent me. Let’s chat on that thread. Thank you for your interest in visiting Conglomerate Mesa!

Hello, would love to support but have another Zoom meeting at that time. Is there a phone number, email, or address where I can submit comments?

Thank you,

Hey Jo – Sorry you can’t be on the meeting but we understand! I’d advise emailing or with questions, your opposition to their drilling, and your support for protecting Conglomerate Mesa!

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