A Week in the Wilderness

What a blissful five days of restoring our treasured alpine landscape with the Sierra National Forest and funding from the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance! Stay tuned for stories from the trip. For now, enjoy these incredible photos by volunteer Ken Miller.

The crew sets out from North Lake bright and early on Day 1.
An exciting creek crossing!
Not a bad spot to set up camp.
The planning stage…
Walking to work.
Restoring illegal campsites within the no-camping zone at Golden Trout Lake.
You never know what you’ll find in the high country…
Zak finds time to get after it at camp!
The group returns over Piute Pass on Day 5, tired, a little dirty, but happy with a job well done.

Thanks to our stalwart volunteers, to the Sierra National Forest staff who helped lead the trip, and to a generous grant from the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance that made this project possible. If you’d like to join next year’s wilderness volunteer work week, email info@friendsoftheinyo.org.