The Eastern Sierra Trail Ambassadors are in the High Country


This summer, Friends of the Inyo is partnering with the Inyo National Forest to place trail ambassadors on popular trails in the Eastern Sierra. Friends of the Inyo’s Eastern Sierra Trail Ambassadors will be present on popular trails in the Mammoth Lakes Basin and other places like Rock Creek, Bishop Creek, and beyond. The Eastern Sierra Trail Ambassadors will open and repair trails after a heavy winter, provide positive public outreach to wilderness visitors, lead interpretive hikes, and facilitate opportunities for volunteers to give back to special places through trail maintenance.


As our public lands get busier and funding dwindles, it’s crucial to think creatively and form partnerships to ensure that we discover and explore our public lands in a sustainable way. Friends of the Inyo is excited to be working together with the Inyo National Forest, Patagonia, Eastside Sports, and the Westin Monache Resort to make this work happen. 

Now is the time for this crucial work. Many people are discovering iconic places in the Eastern Sierra by using popular trails, and the Inyo National Forest is experiencing wilderness visitation in numbers that it has never seen before. While this presents the need for continued trail maintenance, restoration, and clean up, more importantly it is a golden opportunity to connect with visitors and ensure that they have a positive experience. They too will then fall in love and begin to care for these places that are special to all of us. 



* Photos donated by John Dittli to support Eastern Sierra trails.