Fall Comes to the Eastern Sierra High Country

Fall and snow have arrived in the Sierra High Country. Our Eastern Sierra Trail Ambassador Alex joined the Inyo National Forest’s Chris Engelhardt to rebuild a trail structure that was washed out when snow melted this spring. As you can see by Alex’s pictures, it was both a beautiful day and a cold day. Although we wished they’d taken pictures of their work, we understand that it was cold enough that they had to keep moving and work fast.

Here’s Alex’s trail report from the day:

“I met up with Chris Englehardt to help him rebuild a section of trail on the Bishop Pass Trail just above Long Lake. It was a bitterly cold day, with the last day of summer bringing snow fall, before fall even got here! Everything was blanketed in white as I hiked up to meet Chris, and to be honest it was beautiful. And as I was huffing and puffing uphill I stayed pretty warm. But when I got up there, the sun started slinking behind the clouds, the wind kicked up, and the temps dropped. We moved rocks in the cold, really never stopping. It was a great day though, as we got the thing done, and it was great to spend the day working with Chris. Last week totally solo was a bit rough, it was nice to have a partner to work with.”


Thank you Alex and Chris for plowing ahead despite the weather and getting important work done.


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