Tablelands Tour

What a great tour in the Volcanic Tablelands a couple of weeks ago. We owe a huge thank you to Greg Haverstock, the BLM's resident archaeologist. It seems as if very few people are as familiar with the Tablelands, and we're thankful for him sharing his knowledge of the cultural history and landscape that is right out our back door. Check out some photos from the day, and we'll do this outing again in the future.

Greg brought an atl atl for us to try out. This is a traditional hunting tool that preceded the bow and arrow.

Greg also brought some artifacts to share. These items were all returned to the BLM after being found. Please remember that if you find a historical aritifact in the field, please leave it there. Studying the items in their natural context is crucial in helping a scientist or archaeologist piece together a narrative of the human history in the place. 


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