Friends of the Inyo Resources and Publications

Friends of the Inyo offers a variety of ways to explore and enjoy the Eastern Sierra. The following are links to some of our favorite information resources including some of our own publications.

Jeffrey Pine Journals Library

Jeffrey Pine Journals are our bi-annual flagship publication. They are a colorful and informative eight to sixteen page journal. We have been publishing these for many years now so there's quite a library.

Wilderness Study Area Library

After passage of the Wilderness Act in 1964, all publicly owned lands were inventoried for their natural values to determine whether they qualified for wilderness designation, a designation which would protect them from further development and preserve them for future generations. We have complied a description and map for each of the WSAs in our area.

Get Out!

A growing selection on our favorite hikes in the area. Send us your favorites!

Resource and Partner Links

A collection of links to useful information about wilderness, public lands, the Eastern Sierra and the partners and agencies that work here.

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