Caring for the Eastern Sierra, Year After Year

Friends of the Inyo ensures a vibrant future for the Eastern Sierra in places you love. Click on a place link below and read inspiring reports from the field. Be part of this work in 2017 with a year-end donation.

Mammoth Lakes Basin

“The Mammoth Lakes Basin has a lifetime supply of adventures waiting for you.”

White Mountains

“To wake up after a cold night to the first light after a storm has broken can only be described as magical.”

Owens Lake

“We work for the young ones that follow us. It matters. Simple as that.”

June Lake

“I will give thanks and marvel at how an awesome place got even better.”

High Sierra

“You get to connect with others in a way that reminds you how good people are.”

Glass Creek Meadow

“Glass Creek Meadow hints at what the future holds.”

Golden Trout Wilderness

“I sat watching this world slowly exist around me while every trouble I trudged up here began to fall away.”

Humphreys Basin

“It takes all of us that love the wild to keep it wild.”

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Latest FOI News

Nature's Classroom


Claudia Moya-Tanner's son Bo explored Devils Postpile National Monumental with Bishop Second Graders on a project supported by Friends of the Inyo. Check out Claudia's editorial, published in the Inyo Register on December 6. 

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Owens Lake Bird Festival Photos


If you missed our posts on Facebook from earlier in the year, we've added some pictures from this year's Owens Lake Bird Festival to our website.

Keep an ear out in the next few weeks for details on the upcoming 3rd Annual Owens Lake Bird Festival, April 28-30, 2017. 

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