About Friends of the Inyo

Founded in 1986, Friends of the Inyo is a Bishop, CA-based non-profit conservation organization dedicated to the exploration, preservation, and stewardship of the public lands of the Eastern Sierra. The Eastside's scenic beauty, wild rivers, varied flora and fauna, and abundant opportunities for sustainable recreation are our business--and yours. Through a combination of outreach,education, and advocacy, together we can ensure that this remarkable place is preserved for future generations of people, plants, and animals.

The Eastern Sierra

The diverse wildlands of the Eastern Sierra are a national treasure, known and loved by many as a vast, undeveloped paradise of grand vistas, endless ridges to wander, peaks to climb, sly trout to catch, and unending silence to enjoy. This "land of little rain," nestled between the majestic Sierra Nevada and the enigmatic White-Inyo Mountains, is home to over 35% of California's native species and some of the most spectacular scenery in the West. The endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, Owens Valley pupfish, and over 200 endemic plants are found nowhere else in the world. In order to ensure that the Eastside's spectacular and biologically-rich wildlands are preserved for future generations of plants, animals, and people, it is critical that we build strong and lasting support for this wild and remote side of the state.

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